Web Developer

Bretterbude is an association of electronic music lovers. They organize all types of different events, such as club nights, outdoor raves but workshops for newcomer artists as well.

The project began when I joined the association. Their website was old fashioned and not really maintainable, so we decided to start from scratch.

Visit the website or like them on Facebook.

The problem
The old website wasn't maintainable, nobody really cared for content and people moved over to Facebook, because it was more up to date. At the same time, some of the Bretterbude members don't use Facebook and thus didn't receive any updates at all.
The challenge

The main challenge was to make the website easily mantainable, and with a great UX & UI Design.

The second challenge was to develop a single stream solution that delivers content to multiple channels. (WhatsApp, Website, Telgegram, Newsletterm ...)

The outcome
Since this is a no-budget project, time and cost had to be as low as possible. Therefore I made use of the Material Design Light Framework and set it up to a Wordpress Theme.
Facebook API
I developed a new Wordpress Plugin with heavy use of the Facebook PHP SDK.
Check it out on github